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Dr. Elaine YoungMy name is Elaine Young, and I am a professor of digital and social media marketing at Champlain College, a small, private college (2,000 students) in Burlington, VT. I use my industry experience to bring the working world to both my classrooms and curriculum. I have experience in marketing, public relations, media relations, event management, internet strategy as well as an in-depth knowledge of interactive and social media techniques, strategies and tools.

I am the author of Tuned-In Family: How to Cope, Communicate, and Connect in a Digital Age. This family guidebook is designed to help parents and families build a technology learning community in their homes based on their own values.

My professional experience, primarily in the non-profit and advocacy sector, has given me an appreciation for the importance of teaching students how to engage with the communities they are in, and how to apply successful business techniques to support causes and engage various publics. I am able to capitalize on this experience in the classroom by integrating experiential problem-based learning into the curriculum, which often involves non-profit and advocacy organizations.

I have developed and taught courses in internet marketing, e-business management, internet strategy, online visibility, non-profit and social marketing, social networking, marketing and marketing management. I have co-developed and taught Social Interaction in a Digital Age, a communication course, and I have also developed a course on Technological Innovation and taught in our general education area. I have developed and taught courses in Managing Online Communities, and I teach at the MBA level.


Digital marketing, social media marketing, technology and society, generational differences in a digital age, marketing strategy, marketing management, non-profit and social marketing, online visibility, search engine optimization, social networking, web analytics, curriculum development, course development, experiential learning, problem-based learning, service learning.

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