Feb 10

One foot in one world, one foot in another world

It’s official.

I have begun the new phase of my professional career and in celebration I am saying goodbye to my old blog and launching my new and improved WordPress, Headway Themed site.  I’ll be updating the functionality as I go, but am excited to take this next step.

Up until January 11th, my career path was fairly clear — full time associate professor. I had already done the admin thing for quite a few years for the Marketing program and had made a decision to stop that and focus on my teaching about two years ago. I never really thought I would go back into an administrative role.  But let that be a lesson to you all, you never really know where you are going to end up!

I accepted a two-year appointment as Assistant Dean of the Division of Business just as the Spring 2010 semester began.  In just a short time, I have found myself trying to figure out how to straddle the line between faculty (I’m still teaching three courses, which you can find out more about on Twitter searching for hashtags #mkt250, #mkt340 and #mkt420) and suddenly becoming part of the “Dean’s Office” in the Division.

And of course there’s that other role I have: Mom.

Juggling and balancing these different worlds will certainly be a challenge, but I would be lieing if I didn’t admit to the fact that the challenge is energizing. Being able to be in a position where I can help make a positive impact on students and faculty and curriculum is very cool. Still being in the classroom will keep me up-to-date and the students will continue to keep me on my toes.  And my daughter, well, she will make sure I don’t lose site of what is really important in all of it.

What comes next on this blog?

Well, just like my old one — whatever comes to mind that focuses on teaching, learning, curiosity, marketing, having fun, playing, and keeping balanced.  It’s all a great big sandbox anyway, so I’m going to keep on creating and knocking it down and doing it all over again.