Sep 15

Making a difference in the world is about to get easier

ShareYourselfHave you ever wanted to change something in your community? Build something that helps others? Contribute your skills to a project where you know there will be social good?

Good intentions are awesome, but making those intentions a reality is not easy. Between time constraints, figuring out what to do, and making the right connections, it can be overwhelming.

This is why I’m so excited to be part of a start up team for a new platform called ShareYourself. It’s been conceptualized by my good friend Stu McGowan¬†and Lauren McKenna. I get to be the older lady on the team bringing my wisdom to the awesome talents and energies of the youth helping to build the platform. It’s an awesome opportunity for me to share my skills in helping to create something that I believe can really make a difference.

We’ve got social media to help us be social. What about social media that helps us make a difference in our communities in a meaningful way? A way to share more than an opinion or click a like button but to really, finally be able to use social media to not just do good, but to make a difference…solve a problem…create opportunity!

This platform is being designed to help people create new projects, join up with those who already have a project — the focus is all about people sharing their skills from around the world to make a difference in our global community.

In order to kick it off, Stu is bringing a team of us together so we can build the platform out in a hard core hackathon in October. We’ll be making this happen, fast and furious under the watchful eye of a man who knows what it means to make a difference in a local community (just go back up there and click that link on his name to learn what he’s done for Burlington) but in order to pull it off, Stu and Lauren are asking for some help through a KickStarter Campaign.

They need to raise $15,000 to help pull off the SYS Hackathon — they’ve got over $8,000 raised so far and are more than half way to their goal. The clock, however is ticking, and there’s a little over a week left to raise the rest.

So take a few minutes and watch their video and consider donating to the Kickstarter. There’s some cool incentives…but really, don’t you want to be someone who has helped to get a really meaningful social media platform off the ground so you can join others as they make a difference in our world?

More so than ever we need a platform like this. Take a risk with us and back our KickStarter. Share Yourself!