Good information, but it could be prettier…

And that’s how it started.

I posted the syllabus for MKT 490: Marketing Senior Level Internship on-line a few weeks ago with the following tweet:

Shortly after I sent it out, I got this response from George Somers, a Computer Prof in Cali:

Now, let’s be realistic. A syllabus, well, it’s not supposed to be pretty right? It’s full of policies and procedures and dire warnings and detail. And of course every student READS IT!

That was my thought bubble.

But then….

I remembered…


And George was right.


Revolutionary thought right? A pretty syllabus.

I won’t bore you with details but suffice to say, after a tweet exchange and coffee with the most AWESOME Lara Dickson (you know her as @deepdishcreates) the graphic syllabus was born!

I’ll leave it to you all (and my students) to tell me if we are on the right track here:

My most awesome “non-pretty” syllabus



My even more awesome “Graphic Syllabus”:  MKT490-F2011-infographic

Many thanks to George for creating the “Aha moment” and to Lara for making the idea a reality.

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  • Elaine, that is awesome.  I was sitting in Muddy Waters yesterday writing my first syllabus, and I thought it seemed awfully dry.  I was debating adding some wit into the dry parts; and maybe some design is just right too.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Ann DeMarle

    As an artist/designer I love it and get it BUT the reader/writer me asks after having spent the last two weeks in wonderful used book stores and collecting wonderful out-if-print what’s wrong with loving words especially when it comes to being a college educated person? PS didn’t know you are blogging again- so glad you are.

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  • Julian P

    Very cool.  Now we all need designers for our syllabi!

  • Hilary Hess

    So, so awesome! Elaine, you are the best! And extra props to Lara, for a beautiful spread. Nice work!!

  • Monique Prevost

    I wish our syllabus for ccc-410 last year was as pretty as that one!

  • Thanks for the inspiration @mrsomersatmccd! Elaine, here’s hoping your students don’t miss a beat in this class. Glad to have had the creative challenge.