Need a Speaker?

HubSpot Team featuring Champlain College alumna Brittany LeaningAre you a business, governmental organization, or non-profit organization or association that is looking to expand your digital marketing strategy?  Do you find that your staff and employees are struggling to understand how to best leverage digital marketing and social media marketing tools to help increase your communication success? Are you a school board, PTO, High School or Middle School struggling with helping your students and teachers grasp how to best address the opportunities (and, yes, the challenges) of an always on, digitally connected society?

Let me help you.

HubSpot High Five featuring Champlain College alumna Brittany LeaningI am passionate about communication technology — find out more about that passion on my LinkedIn Profile — and have extensive experience in helping organizations and individuals learn how to do more with the many tools we have access to today.  I am skilled at breaking it all down, showing organizations and individuals not just how to use a specific digital tool, but why they should (or shouldn’t use it), and how to begin the process of incorporating the tools into the daily work requirements.

What I am not.

I am not a “rock star”.  I’m not going to come in and overwhelm your team with fancy slides and social media buzzwords.

I am not an under 25, just graduated college student, with a chip on my shoulder who doesn’t really understand the nuances of the workplace. I’m a 40-something parent who has been utilizing digital communication tools long before Facebook and Twitter even started.  I remember bulletin boards (both the ones in the hallway as well as the digital kind), I’ve written newsletters (both print and digital). I’ve worked on non-profit campaigns, coached clients, and taught undergraduate students how to correctly utilize digital marketing tools and accurately measure results — before there was a thing called social media. In other words…I’m like this guy.  I have helped departments incorporate social media into their CRM process, and done it in a way that ensured the whole team was comfortable and ready to take it on.

What I can do for you.

I can conduct workshops, give presentations, and provide context for what often feels overwhelming.  Here are some examples that can provide you with an idea of how I can help you.

Media Mavin: Nonprofit Marketing Trends for 2013

Panel discussion with Gahlord Dewald of Thoughtfaucet and Gin Ferrara of Spindle & Widget

Interview on WCAX The :30

WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

Interview for Vermont Public Televisions series on Emerging Science (2011)

Facebook Workshop for staff and faculty at Champlain College (2011)

Interview for the Champlain Initiative (2010)