The Power of Alumni Engagement

Champlain College Reaches 2000 Alumni Gifts

I’ve been remiss. I haven’t updated people on how the #2k42m campaign ended up. I blame summer.

But, I think by the image above you know how we did.  For the first time in Champlain History we had 2000+ alumni give to the institution in one campaign.

In my earlier post asking for Alumni to support #2k42m I wrote about how important an active alumni network is to a college, and how for Champlain this is a sign we are growing up from where we started.

This is a thank you to all the alum who donated to the #2k42m.  Faculty and Staff at Champlain are responsible for building the campus, for creating the curriculum, for getting students ready for the next phase of their life. Alumni are responsible for helping the college to grow in many other ways.  Active alumni organizations can (and should):

  • Network where they live and work to tell the story of Champlain. Like our Colorado Alumni Group
  • Offer internships (like this awesome one at Alchemy and Science) to current students.
  • Fund scholarships for current students.
  • Encourage families you know to consider Champlain as an education destination for their college-bound students.
  • Push us (Faculty, Staff, Administration) to stay current so you can continue to feel pride in Champlain.
  • Come up with new and interesting ways to fundraise and help us move from being so reliant on tuition.

I’m sure there are more reasons than this, but I’m here to ask you to consider the many different ways you can stay connected to Champlain. How you can help us continue to grow and be a college of distinction at a time when many are questioning the value of a college education?  As Champlain Vice President Chuck Maniscalco wrote in a recent post about how Students Rate Higher Education on his blog, Champlain is getting many things right if you consider recommendations from outside sources like McKinsey. Alumni support will help us to keep getting things right.

So while this post is a thank you, it is also a challenge to all of you who gave even just ONE DOLLAR. Don’t stop there.

How about next year you give two dollars? Or consider an ongoing gift of $5 per year. Or even $5 per month.  If a group of you did that, imagine how that would help your Alma Mater?

And yes, I know many recent grads are paying back student loans for the cost of getting your education and you might feel that you paid enough, why give even more?  My answer to that is simple. Because your tuition helped us to maintain what we were doing at that time. It paid my salary, it kept the lights on, it kept you fed, it helped Student Life provide programming for you, it helped grow our campus. But donations from you now will help us move beyond that. If we are to compete and stay relevant we must move away from being tuition dependent. One downturn in applications can have a huge negative impact on what we do every day. More ongoing and consistent donations from you will ensure we can continue our mission.

What do you say alumni? Can you keep the momentum going?