Repping for the State of VT at @thisisvt

This is VermontToday begins my week at the helm of @thisisvt, what some are calling a social media experiment, modeled after Sweden: the State of Vermont Travel and Tourism Department created a twitter account that they hand over to Vermont citizens each week.

I’m week 7.

Before me has gone:

And now it’s my turn.  A college professor.  I’ve made Vermont my home since 1997. In that time I’ve been the Director of Communication at the State Chamber of Commerce, the Director of Regional Communication at the American Cancer Society, Director of Marketing at Bluehouse Group and then in 2000 I started my new life as a college professor.  I teach digital marketing and a host of other classes at Champlain College, a small, private institution located in the hill section of Burlington, VT. I’ve lived in both Chittenden County and Washington County, and worked in Burlington and Montepelier (and yes, we truly do NOT have a McDonalds in our state capital).  I currently live in South Burlington with my daughter and my two cats.

This week I hope to bring those of you who choose to follow @thisisvt a glimpse of Vermont that includes our colleges (we have a great deal of awesome opportunities for higher education), our businesses (wait, what, there’s more than farms and cows here?) our chambers of commerce (great sources of information) and of course our vistas, landscapes, food, fun, and the quirky that is this most awesome state that I now call home.

I do hope you’ll join me and enjoy this week as I introduce you to my Vermont.

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