Social Media Bootcamp Week 2: Building a Social Media Strategy

Awesome does not begin to explain the key points made this week by speaker Matt Dickman (@mattdickman) from Webber Shandwick. 

Since the homework this week is getting into specific detail about where we are and aren’t in our organizations, I’m going to move to just posting up my notes — those things I thought were particularly noteable.

Happy reading — happy learning.  It’s good stuff for sure!


My own personal notes from the presentation.

  • Leaderships alignment is PRIORITY #1 before any other efforts begin!
  • It will FAIL if the head of the company/org and leadership are not in alignment that social is a priority for the business going forward.
  • Must have a GOAL.
    • Success = CEO says this is a priority
    • Direct reports know it is a priority and they work together.
  • Social Media Governance/Operational Guide
    • Need a common framework
    • Each core function needs to be present/engaged
    • Give each team “guides”
      • Who is responsible for response,
      • Who is responsible for which channels?
    • There is a ROLE FOR EVERYONE!! Marketing/Legal/etc….
  • Who should own Social Media? THE ORGANIZATION!!!!
  • We are there…now what?
    • Build a platform and then enforce it…
    • Forget talking about each channel. (Twitter, FB, etc.)
      • You need an ENGAGEMENT strategy.
      • Leave the platforms out of it.
      • Understaffed, under trained is a big issue
      • It takes a minimum of two hours per day
    • Business Priorities Focus. Start there. Then set:
      • Social Media Objectives
      • Strategies
      • Measuremen (if you have goals, you an measure them!)
    • Platform Strategies
      • Know the ROLE of the platform!
        • FB: Customer Engagement
        • Twitter: Engagement
        • LinkedIn: Networking/Recruiting
      • Measurement:
        • Broad: Share of Voice, Mentions, Tone (Radian6, etc — total conversation around a topic)
        • Behavioral: Engaged to Dis-engaged/Inactive – creator (this is different culturally/internationally)
        • Actionable: Sales, Coupons, Referrals, RTs, Mentions, Clickthrough
        • Influence/Brand/Reputation: Likelihood, Message pullthrough, specific campaigns
  • Employees must be TRAINED. There must be a social media policy! Look to FTC guidelines.