Social Media Bootcamp Week 3


I know, I know…I’m turning in my homework late. And as a College Prof who is all about “turn your work in on time or you will lose points” this is bad. Really, really bad. No excuses. Just super busy with turning in the midterm grades last weekend and launching my MBA Marketing course. Yep, no spring break for me!

Now on to what I learned this week.

Seriously you HAVE to check out this SlideShare from Leslie Bradshaw of @Jess3.  It’s all about content marketing and the ways in which we as social media marketers should be thinking about content as a VISUAL medium. It’s really not just about infographics, although the content grid infographic @Jess3 developed really gets to the heart of this discussion.


It really got me thinking about social media and content planning. Honestly I’ve been resistant to creating a stand alone course in social media marketing because I’ve felt that it really needs to be integrated into EVERY marketing class. It is not easy to do however, and often causes much distress for students who aren’t very excited about this space.  However, a course in visual design that incorporates content planning and social media releases of the content could be very very interesting….


Next up Week 4.  Oh, yes I know this was short…but why spoil it all for you when you can go check out Leslie’s presentation and see it all for yourself.