Oct 10

Getting out of the Weeds: #ccalumchat

I’m in the weeds.

The tall 6 week weeds that come with back to school. They are spiky and sharp and they obscure your view.

Kitty in the WeedsHowever, tonight a group of former students brought me out of the weeds and reminded me what it is all about.

@nicholemagoon (former Ninja), @MBenti, @ryanfitz124, @caseyhopkins and @cailaburke all former students of mine in various Marketing and Communication classes joined together in a tweetchat. Hosted by Nichole the chat was specifically for Champlain College Alum and current students to respond to questions and provide support and guidance to one another.  Little did they know what they would do for me.

Nichole and Ryan are still here in Vermont, working for MyWebGrocer and 156Bistro, respectively. Marissa is out in California, Casey is in Colorado and Caila is in Oregon. They all have jobs or paying internships where they are providing Social Media, Marketing, Design and guidance and they all graduated between this past May and two years ago.  Majors represented are Marketing, Hotel Restaurant Management, Public Relations and e-Business Management.

Twitter has enabled me to be able to stay connected with students in ways I never dreamed it would and I can be the first one to tell you that I never would have seen this moment — even last spring semester when I was pushing students to develop their personal brand.

As a new semester begins and I am privileged to meet and get to know a whole new crop of students (and drag them kicking and screaming to use Twitter), these five former students reminded me why I do what I do. It is all worth it and they are great examples of individuals who have taken their college experience and turned it into something much more: the beginnings of a career. And, they are already giving back to current students by offering their expertise, advice and guidance.

Now that is a sure fire cure for being stuck in the weeds.

Many thanks to Nichole, Marissa, Ryan, Caila and Casey — you are all going to do great things and I am so thankful to have been a very very small part of your journey. Thanks for giving back so soon.  Here’s to another great and even better attended #ccalumchat in November!

For a recap of the chat that happened on October 5th, 2010, check out HirethisGrad