Apr 10

And the Ninjas Are….

It is the end of the semester and as the Marketing Management class wraps up it’s time to announce who has achieved true Ninja Status (for the rubric, please check my earlier post).

It’s exciting to have watched the students as they each explored their own personal brand and while there have been ups and downs, this is truly all about learning, having fun and understanding the true implications of the social tools that are infusing the business world. Not everyone can be a Ninja. It takes dedication, passion, interest and willingness to put yourself out there, engage and connect. At the beginning of all of this I wasn’t sure who would achieve “Ninja Status” — I wasn’t even sure anyone would.

First a shout out to the up and coming Ninjas — the Specialists!

I’m excited to announce that out of the full class of students a total of NINE people made SPECIALIST (that’s the level just below Ninja). The specialist is the person who you should watch carefully — they are honing their skills, hitting their stride and with a bit more time will surely become Ninjas. These individuals have created content, begun building their brands and have, above all, continued to explore and learn the tools of the trade.

Our MKT 420 Specialists are:

If you aren’t already following them…well you should.

And now, for the Ninjas.

This honor goes to TWO students who have picked very different areas to focus their energy on. Each in their own way has exhibited an understanding of engagement, connection, consistency, relevancy and building a brand. Both are passionate about what they are doing and their personality and passion shines through in different ways. One is helping others and gaining visibility and interest in what they are doing through outside blog posts and in-state business people. The other is connecting content and pointing out the challenges women face in the world. They have done all the right stuff — and even if there have been some true “learning moments” along the way, both have earned…


Corey and Nichole -- Social Media Ninjas

Congratulations to
Corey aka Rosie the Marketer
who is writing a blog about strong working women and marketing.
| Twitter: @rosiemarketerandNichole of Hire This Grad
a blog and twitter account that is spotlighting Champlain College seniors to help them “get hired”.
http://hirethisgrad.tumblr.com | Twitter  @nicholemagoon and @hirethisgrad

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Mar 10

Social Media Ninja Status: That’s Impressive!

It’s been a little while since I wrote my post about the students in the Marketing Management class becoming Social Media Ninjas.  This is just a quick update for those of you wondering how it’s going.


Two students have job offers on the table right now. Another has been reached out to via twitter.  I won’t tell you who they are.  I’ll let them do it.

By the way our class is now working with RADIAN6 which means these students will not only know how to run a full blown social media campaign — but they will be able to show measurement and success as well.  Some of the students already know web analytics, so between the quantitative of GA and the qualitative of Radian6, that’s impressive. Here’s a post by Lauren Vargus of Radian6 outlining their higher education program — and talking about what the students in the class are doing.

We’ve also gotten some mentions in other places too:

  1. Campus Tweet:  http://campustweet.tv/2010/02/18/being-a-social-ninja-2/ (by the way, we are still the THIRD CAMPUS with the amount of Twitter engagement at 171 registered users. For a school of only 2000 that’s impressive.)
  2. Talent Management Tech: http://www.talentmanagementtech.com/community/blogs/1005/532_college_students_social_media_and_the_job_search.html

We’ll see what else pops up but for now, we continue to apply what we learn in the classroom so that Champlain College Marketing Majors not only know the tools that are important, but how to use them, when to use them and when NOT to use them. The perfect mix of traditional marketing  (target market, product, message, media channel, goal setting) and digital new media skills ready for the workplace.  Now THAT’S Impressive!

Feb 10

Ninjas Have to Start Somewhere

Before a person can become a “Social Media Ninja” they have to start somewhere don’t you think?

I suppose it would be good to start with explaining what a “Social Media Ninja” is.

This semester in my Marketing Management class (#mkt420) the students are engaged in a semester long personal branding assignment inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk and his book, CrushIt.  Each student has been asked to identify something they are passionate about and build their personal brand through social media.

We are six weeks into the semester and the fruits of their planning and thinking and research are beginning to show. What is so exciting is that each student is doing something different and they are learning how to incorporate different tools into what they are doing.  Even more fun, is they are helping each other through the process.

In essence this semester the students in #MKT420 are learning how to become Social Media Ninjas. They are learning the intricate and mysterious rules of social media.  (Ok, you got me, there really aren’t any rules because if you haven’t figured it out yet, we are all making up the “rules” as we go along — which is why they are “mysterious”). Words that describe the Social Media Ninja include: Agile, Nimble, Gadget Master (think in this case tools like blogs, twitter, facebook, analytics, SEO), Multi-faceted, Master Wordsmith, Content Creator, Content Distributor and Networker Extraordinaire.

This of course highlights that just because they are young doesn’t mean they are ready to run a social media campaign for your business. They need training. And this assignment is that training ground. When they complete this course, if they do the work and they listen to my feedback (and yours…but I’m getting to that in a minute), they will become Social Media Ninjas.

So here is where you come in.  You are a business professional.  Perhaps a Social Media Ninja yourself.  Or perhaps you are looking for bright talent that will become your Community Manager or your Content Manager. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor. To not only watch these students develop their mad skilz in social media marketing, but even help them by providing feedback, reading their content and being willing to engage and mentor them.

They graduate in May.

Perhaps you just might want to Hire These Grads.

So here they are. Social Media Ninjas In-Training.  Follow them. Subscribe to their Blogs. Watch their Videos. Help them reach Social Media Ninja Status.

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Rosie the Marketer a blog about women. Strong working women and marketing. Provides commentary on women in the media as well. http://rosiethemarketer.tumblr.com | Twitter:   @rosiemarketer

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