Jul 11

I’m an Apprentice at Thoughtfaucet

Being a college professor means that summer is a time to relax. It evokes images of reading, taking vacations and thinking grand professorial thoughts (whatever those are).

In my case, however, summer is a time to retool. As someone who teaches Digital Marketing, keeping up to date is incredibly difficult.  In the digital marketing arena tools are changing and evolving and new tools are coming online every day making it nearly impossible to keep up. My job is to ensure that undergraduate and graduate students are up to date and ready for the work they will need to do as they become marketing and business professionals.  This is no small task if I’m not up to date and ready to teach them.

Enter ThoughtFaucet. We are incredibly lucky here in Burlington, VT to have a wide range of digital marketing and PR professionals who know their stuff. Like REALLY know their stuff.  @gahlord (Gahlord Dewald) is just one of these remarkable professionals and when he put out a call for an apprentice at his shop, I responded. What better way for me to stay up to date then work as an apprentice to a rock’n awesome professional?

So there you have it.

My summer gig: Thoughtfaucet Apprentice.

Wish me well and much learning!