Dec 10

Presentation: How Social Media Can Help Grow and Engage Your Audience

I had a great opportunity today to present information to the Vermont Public Radio board of directors at one of their meetings.  I was invited to speak by Ted Adler the founder of Union Street Media and a VPR Board Member.

The need was to provide context for the Board around social media tools and most importantly how those tools can help VPR achieve their strategic goals which focus on being RELEVANT, the MOST widely used media source in Vermont and being ESSENTIAL and TRUSTED.

We started with demographic trends of NPR listeners and I got some great feedback about how these match up with VPR listeners — and where they may diverge.  Then I matched these to the demographics of Internet use and Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.  Finally I wrapped up with some recommendations on next steps.

I spent a little over an hour with the Board and found them to be engaged, interested and curious about ways in which VPR can utilize these tools in a positive way.  In particular I challenged them to be leaders in information sharing, engagement and connection.  Their website is impressive and their recent redesign brings Vermont news and information to the fore in a way that provides a news snapshot of our state that other media outlets can’t touch.  They have a FACEBOOK and a BLOG and a TWITTER. Clearly, they already have the foundation and having a clear web content strategy where they examine the best ways to use the many tools available to engage and connect with LISTENERS, DONORS and SPONSORS is the logical next step…at least in my opinion anyway (smile).

Here’s my Prezi:

So what do you think?  Is this a good direction for our Vermont Public Radio?