Tuned-In Family

Introducing my “Passion Project”: Tuned-In Family: How to Cope, Communicate, and Connect in a Digital World Now Available at Lulu.com!

Tuned-in Family

I’m excited and happy to share with you my first book. A passion project based on my years of observations of students and families as they cope with all the digital technologies that seem to be taking over our lives.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how different people use technology, and how people are struggling to adapt to the continuous changes that come because of these technologies. We truly do live in “disruptive times”.

At the same time I, like many of you, am reading more and more about the concerns over screen time, digital content impacting how we think, and the social skills of our younger generations. Add to that the worries about bullying and online safety and … well…. it’s overwhelming.

It’s because of all of this and because I really enjoy digital communication technologies and the convenience and connectedness they bring into my life and my family’s life, that I decided to write this book.

Consider it a how-to guide. A book to help you and your family develop your own approach to technology, learn how to manage the changes, and most of all how to keep communicating in a screen-filled world.

In this book you will find answers to these questions, and many others:

  • What should you watch out for and think about during the different ages and stages of your children’s lives?
  • How are you thinking about the digital footprint you are building for your children and what they are building for themselves?
  • How will you stay up to date?
  • How will you help your children and how will they help you?

About the book — the official synopsis:

Digital technologies are everywhere. They’re a significant part of our lives and our children’s lives. An engaging parenting guide, this book is based around the digital philosophy that holding conversations about technology use in families is essential. Deciding individual comfort levels and boundaries in an online world needs to be expressed through communicating values among family members.  It is also important to understand the purpose and context of digital tools online so they can be used safely and smartly by children, teens, and adults alike.

Some kind words from my friends:

“As a mom of three, an educator of twenty-eight years, and a Graduate Mental Health Counseling student I must recommend this book to anyone that interacts with children or technology. This book is engaging to read, easy to understand, and apply to our lives. It challenges us all to start the discussions and explore the world of digital connectivity.”  — Elizabeth Danyew, Kindergarten Teacher, Graduate Student

“As the parent of a teen and a 10-year-old, I have spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about the safety of my children and just what they are up to online and with social media. Elaine’s book has helped me to separate fact from fiction and to ease my mind a little – okay, a lot!  She brings good sense to an emotional topic and I feel educated enough to have reasonable conversations with my kids regarding this topic moving forward.  Thank you Elaine!” — Kim Dubrul, Life Coach:  Your Year of Transformation

How to stay connected and where to buy the book:

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