VTGOVSM: A Social Media Analysis of the Vermont 2010 Gubernatorial Candidates

Vermont State FlagMorgan Brown over at the Vermont Watch Blog reached out to me on Twitter a few days ago wondering if I would consider doing a social media analysis series on the candidates running for Vermont Governor, similar to the series I did for the 2008 Presidential race. I had been thinking that it would be quite interesting to take a look at this race for Governor, and Morgan’s request has spurred me on.

So welcome to the VTGOVSM (Vermont Governor Social Media) social media analysis.  Using the list of candidates supplied by Morgan and the Vermont Secretary of State I’ll examine each candidate’s website and their social media including Facebook and Twitter as well as email marketing and even online advertising if they have it, along with their search results in Google and Bing.  I’ll also provide my advice on what each can do to improve and engage more with their constituents.

I’ll begin with the Democrats, so I can cover them all prior to the primary on August 24th and then will continue my analysis with appropriate updates until election day.

This list is of Monday, June 21st and as is politics is subject to change at any moment!

  • Democrats: Bartlett, Dunne, Markowitz, Racine, Shumlin
  • Independent: Feliciano, Peyton, Steele
  • Progressive: Abbott
  • Republican: Dubie
  • Socialist: Mitchell
  • United States Marijuana Party: Ericson
  • Working Families: Johnson

My goal as it was with the Presidential election, is to examine how digital marketing communication tools are changing the way in which political campaigns connect with voters.  Are there innovations? Should there be?  Do the tools we have access to really change the political process and get people more involved?  It’s one thing to examine the Presidential level, but to take a look at the campaigns of candidate’s for Governor of the most rural state in the nation — where so many of our inhabitants don’t even have reliable access to the internet — is a very different thing all together.

Can social media tools really make or break a candidate in this state?

Let’s find out.

The first post in my series will begin with Susan Bartlett (D).


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  • I'll be interested to see your analysis. I used social media to look at all of the Maine Gubernatorial Candidates.